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About Awaz

About Awaz

The Chief Executive Mirza Muhammad Naeem is the Pioneer of the Future-Tech Engineering and Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. and AWAZ 105 FM. This is a fast growing venture in the field of broadcasting and telecommunication.

Radio AWAZ 105 FM is the subsidiary of Future-Tech Engineering and Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. We are not only Broadcasting the FM transmission but also providing the turn-key solution for the setting up of the complete Radio Stations and Telecom Solutions in the Government, Semi Government and Private Sector.

Future-Tech Engineering’s team, comprising of a group of highly skilled and seasoned Broadcasting and Telecom engineers with vast experience of Broadcasting Telecommunication, Data Networking and Project Implementation in Pakistan and abroad. The areas of our expertise included but not limited to the setting up of complete FM and AM Radio Stations and basic telephony systems to modern broadband Internet works and DSL projects.

Future-Tech Engineering, with its qualified staff of professionals has acquired and reflects the expertise and professionalism. Our teams of professionals possess expertise and vision in different aspects of the Pakistani market, allowing the organization to market a broad range of products from the supply of spare parts, to the installation of Turn key Projects.

The company offers an exhaustive product mix backed by complete service and support capabilities ranging from conceptualization and system engineering to program/project management. Sales and revenues of company have showed an upward trend in all product lines.

Although our team has the ability to integrate and sell equipment as well as networking solutions, but we consider our technical skills, knowledge and management services to be our key asset. Our engineers can very effectively evaluate products, validate technology, design/implement/optimize telecomm networks, implement SLAs and offer O&M services to any telecomm agency or network operation.

Future-Tech Engineering offers voice, data, video and wireless communications network design and implementation. Our engineering and business team has more than 20 years of accumulative experience in the field of data networking and telecommunications! We know telecommunications engineering inside and out.

Future-Tech Engineering’s team has knowledge as well as experience of following major areas

1-System Engineering
2-Voice & Data Networks
3-Wireless Technologies
4-Cable TV
5-DSL Network
6-Video Conferencing
7-VoIP Telephony & Implementation
8-Project Management

CEO Message

Crack in the Iceberg, YES !!!!, introducing THE RADIO AWAZ FM for the people of Pakistan in general and for the people of Punjab in particular. RADIO AWAZ FM is a quality source of information, Education and Entertainment . Established first FM Radio Station in Gujrat in 2003 and continued its journey by establishing more FM Radio Stations in Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, Bhalwal-Sargodha, Sadiqabad, Khanpur-Liaqatpur, Jhang, Pakpattan, Rajanpur Bahawalpur, Okara and Sahiwal.

Waving through Fifteen (15) most powerful and state of the art FM Stereo Transmitters/Radio Stations, RADIO AWAZ FM is the largest FM Radio Network of Pakistan and the ONLY largest FM Network of Punjab

RADIO AWAZ FM is a winning name in FM broadcasting industry comprising highly skilled and most professional team members. The principal goal of RADIO AWAZ FM is to turn Radio into a source of Entertainment, Education, News and Current Affairs and making Radio more interactive for its listeners.. With its lively entertainment, information and educational services for the people, RADIO AWAZ FM got tremendous feedback right from the first quarter of its operations.

Making an impression to almost 100-Million people of Pakistan through its interesting programs and music magic with its digital quality voice for people of whole Punjab and Pakistan.

We are located in the area, where no other media is effective more than ours because of our exclusive coverage in the region. Establishment of FM radio in this area are highly welcomed by the local population and people are very excited and concerned with this development in the region.

Our Mission Statement is:

“We want to add our value for the social and public development of our people”

Our aim is to provide our listeners “Healthy Entertainment”, “Education through Information”, “Solution of their Problems for their Peace of Mind” “Making them understand what they find complex” and “Marketing and Promotion of their products”

RADIO AWAZ FM invites you to utilize the excellent opportunity to promote your products and convey your message to the huge and very potential market, which is yet to be explored and not effectively covered by any other FM Radio Station.
Mirza Muhammad Naeem
Chief Executive

Mission Statement

“We want to make friendly relations with the people, Guide them to the right way. Make them understand what they find complex. Make them realize the importance of education. Conduct them to walk into the new era of life. Keeping them informed which will help them to feel like a part of this global village. And last but not least, reviving their culture and norms which are becoming obsolete”.